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Replace That Loud Radon Fan Yourself

Replace That Loud Radon Fan Yourself

Is your radon fan loud and annoying? Or has it quit already?

Did you know you can replace a radon fan yourself?

Let us show you how.

Start by removing your old radon fan

  1. First, let’s unplug the fan.
  2. Next, you will need a 5/16 nut driver or a flat-blade screwdriver.
  3. Then, you will loosen up the two clamp screws on the rubber couplers holding the radon fan in place.Radon System Clamps
  4. Then, we can turn the upper section of the pipe a little to break the seal more easily.Take apart radon system
  5. You can now remove the fan, as easy as that.

Selecting a Replacement Radon Fan

We created a radon fan replacement guide to help you find the best replacement fan. We recommend using the direct replacement for your existing radon fan when possible. This will decrease the need for radon system modifications. If the fan model is no longer manufactured, the manufacturer’s recommended replacement model will be listed. This is a guide, and all specifications should be verified before purchase. If you purchase from the links, we do earn a commission.

FanTech Fan Replacement
Existing Fan Replacement Fan
Rn 1 Rn 1
HP 2133 Rn 1
FR 100 Rn 1
Rn 2 Rn 2
HP 2190/Q Rn 2
HP 190 Rn 2
HP 175 Rn 2
Rn 2EC Rn 2EC**
HP 190SLQ Rn 2SL
Rn 2SL Rn 2SL
Rn 3 Rn 3
HP 220 Rn 3
FR 150 Rn 3
FR 160 Rn 3
Rn 4EC Rn 4EC* (**)
FR 200 Rn 4EC* (**)
FR 225 Rn 4EC* (**)
FR 250 Rn 4EC* (**)

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**EC models dial suction in with built-in speed control. Note the current dial setting and set the new fan to the same setting.

RadonAway Fan Replacement
Existing Fan Replacement Fan
GX3 GX3*
GX4 GX4*
EC6 EC6*
RP140 RP140
RP145 RP145
RP260 RP260
RP265 RP265
RP380 RP380
XP151 XP151
XP201 XP201
XR261 XR261
GP201 GP301
GP301 GP301
GP401 GP501
GP501 GP501
GP301C GP301
GP501C GP501
SF180 SF180

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AMG Festa Fan Replacement
Existing Fan Replacement Fan
Spirit Spirit
Maverick Maverick
Patriot Patriot
Prowler Prowler
Eagle Eagle
Eagle Extreme Eagle Extreme
Goliath Eagle Extreme
Force Force
Hawk Hawk
Legend Legend
Legend Extreme Legend Extreme
Fury Fury
Fury 2 Fury 2*

*Use Code Jesse for 5% off your first order

Other Accessories:

Installing Your New Radon Fan

  1. Fit the new fan onto the lower fitting.Fitting new radon fan
  2. Use a small level to level the radon fan.Level radon fan
  3. Pull the upper rubber coupler and pipe back down to secure it to the top of the radon fan.Pull pipe back down onto new fan
  4. As you pull the pipe back down, ensure that the neoprene gasket in the roof is sealed around the pipe rather than pulled down because it can cause a leak if it’s not sealed properly.Neoprene Seal CorrectNeoprene Seal Incorrect
  5. Next, you will tighten the screws on the clamps back up. Do NOT skip this step, or rainwater or condensation could leak into your attic.Tighten ScrewsTighten Screws
  6. You can also fine-tune the fan leveling as you tighten the clamps. We like to level and plumb the fan depending on the fan model. 
  7. Finally, plug the new radon fan back into the outlet. You should hear the fan running, and your radon fan replacement is complete.

Wiring a Radon Fan Power Cord

You may also need to wire the power cord to your radon fan, depending on what fan make and model you have.

Check out these videos on how to wire a radon fan cord:

Need Help?

Replacing a radon fan is a task that can be tackled on your own, provided you have the right tools and a bit of technical know-how. If you prefer professional assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to radon mitigation experts like us