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Radon Fan Replacement

Replace That Loud Radon Fan Yourself

Replace That Loud Radon Fan Yourself Is your radon fan loud and annoying? Or has it quit already? Did you know you can replace a radon fan yourself? Let us show you how. Start by removing your old radon fan First, let’s unplug the fan. Next, you will need a 5/16 nut driver or a…

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DIY Fan Replacement

DIY Radon Fan Replacement: A Step-by-Step Guide

DIY Radon Fan Replacement: A Step-By-Step Guide Introduction: Recently, we were called out to replace a radon fan, a Radonaway RP-145, installed in December 2016. It had developed a loud bearing noise, prompting the homeowners to seek a replacement. In this blog post, we will guide you through the DIY radon fan replacement process, empowering…

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Dead radon fan?

Dead Radon Fan?

Dead radon fan? Check this before calling your mitigation company. We were recently called out to a home to replace a dead radon fan because the customer noticed that their U-Tube gauge was reading zero. Both fluid levels were equal to zero, indicating a problem with the radon system. It ended up being something really…

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Prep for Mitigation

Prepare for Your Radon Mitigation

How to Prepare for Your Radon Mitigation Your radon mitigation is coming up, and we are looking forward to working with you. You may be wondering how to prepare and what to expect. Below we discuss a few things you can do to help prepare for your radon mitigation.  Prepare your Driveway and Garage for…

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