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Radon Mitigation in Rambler

How do you mitigate radon in a 1978 rambler?

Have you ever wondered how we perform radon mitigation in a rambler, sometimes referred to as a ranch home? Let’s take a look at our installation process for this 1978 rambler with a full basement and an initial radon level of 15.7 pCi/L. Or check out the video. PRESSURE FIELD EXTENSION The key to engineering…

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Radon with Sub-slab ductwork

Radon Mitigation with Sub-Slab Ductwork

It’s no surprise that some homes are more challenging to mitigate than others. There are a variety of factors at play: house layout, the presence of drain tile, and the number of crawl spaces, to name a few. However, one factor that people don’t often consider is the existence of sub-slab ductwork. While it isn’t…

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Is it time to replace your radon fan?

Is It Time To Replace Your Radon Fan?

Is it time to replace your radon fan? Like any component with moving parts, radon fans have a service life. In this article, we’ll discuss how to know when to replace your fan, address some common problems that you may be able to fix yourself, and walk you through our process for replacing a radon…

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Activating a Passive Mitigation System

Activating a Passive Radon Mitigation System

In June 2009, the state of Minnesota began to require that new construction homes include a passive radon mitigation system. What is a passive radon mitigation system? In short, it provides the framework for an active radon mitigation system, so if a home tests high for radon in the future, the problem can be more…

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