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Drilling PFE Test Holes

Where to Drill PFE Test Holes

Where to Drill PFE Test Holes Pressure Field Extension Testing (PFE) is a critical step in radon mitigation. It helps optimize radon system design, determine the ideal suction point placement, and select the right size radon fan. PFE testing helps ensure the radon mitigation system is designed and installed to effectively remove radon from the…

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Identify Challenges with Mitigation

Identifying Radon Mitigation Challenges

Identifying Radon Mitigation Challenges Effective radon mitigation requires navigating some potential challenges to achieve optimal reduction in indoor radon levels. The house we are going to look at is a split-entry home built in 1975. The pre-mitigation radon levels are between 3.0 and 4.0 pCi/L. Potential Challenges Outside: Attached Garage This home has an attached…

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Understanding your radon mitigation system

Understanding How Your Radon Mitigation System Works

Understanding How Your Radon Mitigation System Works This article will help you have a better understanding of how your radon mitigation system works. Let’s start by looking at the different aspects of your radon system, beginning with the radon pipe. Minnesota Department of Health System Tag The first thing you will notice at the top…

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