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Valves and Dampers

Valves and Dampers

There is no known safe level of radon exposure, so we aim to reduce radon levels as much as possible at American Radon Mitigation. However, you shouldn’t have to pay excessive operating costs to achieve that. This article discusses how to use valves and dampers to reduce system operating costs without sacrificing radon reduction. Watch…

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Aftermarket drain tile and additions

Mitigation, Aftermarket Drain Tile & Additions

Aftermarket drain tile and additions can complicate the radon mitigation process. Let’s look at how we mitigated this 1967 Edina home with aftermarket drain tile, multiple additions, and a radon level of 8 pCi/L. You can also watch the video here. OVERVIEW OF THE HOME FIRST ADDITION WITH AFTERMARKET DRAIN TILE The first addition was…

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Data-Driven Decision with EcoTracker

Data-Driven Decisions with EcoTracker

It’s not always obvious which areas of a home will need radon mitigation, especially when multiple foundation types are involved. The best way to lower radon levels is to create suction under every area of the house. However, we can get away with only treating certain portions of a home in some situations. To help…

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How do you prevent radon exhaust freeze-ups?

How Do You Prevent Radon Exhaust Freeze ups?

We’re all too familiar with the challenges that Midwest winters can bring but did you know they can also lead to exterior radon exhaust freeze-ups? While you’re out shoveling driveways and salting sidewalks, you probably aren’t thinking about your radon mitigation system. However, frigid temperatures can lead to exterior radon exhaust freeze-ups, causing your radon…

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