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3 Reasons We Dislike Exterior Radon Systems

3 Reasons We Dislike Exterior Radon Systems

At American Radon Mitigation, we dislike exterior radon systems. Check out the video or read on to learn why.

The top three reasons why we dislike exterior radon systems 

  1. They typically have a shorter fan life.
  2. They are more susceptible to freeze-up in cold climates, leaving you and your family susceptible to higher radon levels.Frozen Exterior Radon System
  3. They are really ugly and detract from the aesthetic of your home. 

Exterior Mitigation System

Why do we prefer house or garage attic systems?

  1. Most importantly, it will help maintain your home’s aesthetics. While taking the time to route the pipe and fan to the house or garage attic is typically more labor and is going to cost you more money, you will only see a foot of pipe coming through the roof on the outside of the house, and we paint that to match your shingles.

Garage or House Attic Radon System

  1. House and garage attic systems have extended fan life because it is protected from the elements inside the attic.
  2. House and garage attic systems are less susceptible to freeze-up because all that piping and the fan itself can be insulated in the attic.Insulated Radon Mitigation System

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