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David Martz

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

The Martz family is forever thankful for American Radon Mitigation and their services. My wife and I purchased my grandparents home recently and had a radon test done which came back above 8.0. Unfortunately my grandmother passed away from lung cancer a few years ago before we really knew what radon was. We realized after the test that the radon levels were a bit concerning and so we interviewed a few different radon mitigation companies. Ultimately what settled us on using American Radon Mitigation was the safety of our family, we wanted to make sure it was done right and had proof that it was effective. Jesse’s approach to fully evaluating and understanding the installation process to mitigate as much radon as humanly possible was extremely impressive. The scientific method and testing they used will allow my family to sleep peacefully for years! After all services were complete, our test came back less than 1.0!
Thank you guys for your high standards!