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Radon Mitigation Suction Point

Ever wonder what a radon mitigation system suction point is?

Well, it’s a void created below your home’s concrete floor. This pit creates surface area for the radon fan to draw radon laden soil gas out of. The denser the soil is, the larger the pit should be.

Using an auger can help loosen the soil for easier digging.

This 100-year-old Minneapolis, MN home had a very thin floor, so we were careful not to dig a large pit that might cause the concrete to weaken.

We do diagnostic testing to find the best location for the suction point. In a home without drain tile getting close to the sub-slab plumbing is often the best location. Because the soil often settles in the trench the plumber dug to lay the pipe. This settling allows us the use that small air gap between the bottom of the slab and the soil to draw more air from underneath your home. This may reduce the number of suction points your home needs.

Often times, the key to getting your radon levels low, is to get suction under your entire home. One strategically placed suction point may be able to do that.