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Overview of the EcoQube Radon Detector

Overview of the EcoQube Radon Detector

In this article, we will be giving an overview of the EcoQube radon detector by EcoSense. 

While we recommend using an EPA-approved radon test kit for mitigation decisions, digital radon monitors are a great tool for seeing how your radon levels fluctuate in real-time.

What is Radon

Let’s start with radon. What is it? Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the decay in the rock and soil below your home. It is then naturally drawn into your home, where you and your family are exposed to it. And radon can cause lung cancer. It’s actually the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking.

Professional Radon Test

To determine if you have radon in your home, you will need to test for it, and there are several different options for you as far as testing. If it’s a real estate transaction, typically, you would hire a professional to do a professional radon test. However, if it’s not a real estate transaction, you have more options.

Professional Radon Test

Radon test Kit Options

First, you could and should do a radon test with an EPA-approved test kit like an Air Check short-term test kit which is a 3-7 day test, or an AccuStar Alpha Track long-term test kit, which is a 3-12 month test. The great thing about test kits is they are a cheap solution. The bad thing about test kits is you have to wait for results. The drawback to a long-term test kit is if it’s a 12-month test, you have to wait 12 months for your results. Test kits are also just a snapshot in time of what your radon level is doing over that period of time. For example, during a short-term test, you might actually have great weather, and maybe it’s summer, and your radon levels are low during that time. When in reality, over the winter, you might have higher radon levels. 

AirCheck Short-Term Radon Test Kit
AirCheck Short-Term Radon Test Kit
Alpha Track Long-Term Radon Test Kit
Alpha Track Long-Term Radon Test Kit

EcoQube by EcoSense

EcoQube by EcoSense Radon Monitor

That brings us to the EcoQube. Two of the features that we really like about the EcoQube are its sensitivity and its ability to monitor remotely. So a little bit about the sensitivity, they have about 30 counts per hour, so it’s updating very often, and it can help see fluctuations that might be due to weather or different conditions within the house. The other feature we like is remote monitoring. The EcoQube hooks up to your Wi-Fi, and you have an app that you can monitor your radon levels from anywhere in the world.

Now let’s talk about the radon monitor itself. There is a LED light on the front of the monitor. Green means the radon levels are below 2.7 pCi/L. Yellow means radon levels are between 2.8 and 3.9 pCi/L. Red means radon levels are above 4 pCi/L.

EcoQube Notification Features

The beauty of the EcoQube is the app. Once you purchase the EcoQube, you’ll then download the app and set it up on your Wi-Fi.

We installed a radon system at Rob and Sarah’s a couple of weeks ago, and they’ve had the EcoQube setup for about 5 months before their mitigation. Let’s take a look at Rob and Sarah’s levels on the app.

We can see at the top the 0.4 pCi/L. That is what their radon level is averaging over the last hour. This number is real-time, so it’s going to keep updating.

EcoQube Real Time Monitoring

Now if we look at the bottom half of the screen, we’ve got July 12th-13th. The 0.4 pCi/L you see right below the date is their average over the last 24 hours.

EcoQube Day View

At the bottom, if we click on week, we can see what their radon did over the last week. It’s been averaging 0.5 pCi/L over the last week.

EcoQube Week View

If we click on month, this is where it gets really interesting. So you can see their radon level was around 4 pCi/L until around June 29th. You can see that drastic drop, and that’s when we installed Rob and Sara’s radon system.

EcoQube Month View

You can also click on the year, and you get the graph of the year, and you can see what the radon levels have been averaging over the last year as well.

EcoQube Year View

Wrap Up

That’s the EcoQube in a nutshell. It’s a really cool tool because it gives you real-time feedback on what your radon does so that you can help ensure that you and your family stay safe.

Interested in purchasing an EcoQube? Follow this link to purchase the EcoQube. Use promo code americanradon to receive a discount. We do earn a commission on purchases using our code.

If have questions about radon testing or are looking for a professional radon test, contact us or give us a call at 612-474-1004.