DG-1000 Digital Pressure and Flow Gauge

Two-channel digital micro manometer for pressure and flow measurements.

Product sold and shipped by TEC.


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DG-1000 Digital Pressure and Flow Gauge

Two-channel digital micro manometer for pressure and flow measurements.  Primarily used with Minneapolis Blower Door™ and Minneapolis DuctBlaster®

DG-1000 adds improved functionality with latest round of free updates (July 2022)

  • To get the latest capabilities, simply hit the update button on the DG-1000 home screen when connected to the internet.

  • Latest update improves performance and enables new features
    • Extends battery life by over 25% with Auto-dim feature
    • Enhanced bluetooth connection and status information
    • Improved workflow guidance – improving consistency of testing for new users
    • High precision mode with 4th decimal point display for inH2O units – ideal for radon applications

Other Features

  • Fast-charge & communication with USB-C.  See photo of back panel for details.
  • Fast and easy connections to AutoTest app via Bluetooth 
  • Runs embedded apps – including Tubing Assistant which simplifies set-up and makes training new people easier
  • High Resolution Touch Screen: Gives you improved visibility and usability with the touch of your finger
  • Intelligent Micro-Processor: Puts the power of a mini computer in the palm of your hand
  • Future-Proof Technology: Continually equips you with the latest software and app additions
  • Accurate Readings at 0.9%: Upholds your confidence of accurate results from TEC equipment
  • Intuitive Landscape Orientation: Makes holding the DG-1000 naturally comfortable.
  • Fan Speed Slider: Lets you control your fan directly from the gauge for efficient testing
  • Hold Function: Gives you time to record readings with ease
  • Tubing Assistant: Guides the user through a series of questions to determine the proper tubing connections for your application.
  • Lithium Batteries: Equips you with a rechargeable and replaceable power source on the job
  • Product Compatibility: Works with all TEC equipment and software for seamless use
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, USB and Ethernet Ports: Provides you with a variety of connection options
  • Texturized Durable Case: Ensures optimal grip in rugged environments and protects your gauge from accidental damage
  • Powerful Mounting Magnets: Provides dependable and convenient mounting options